Mithila Tople

Driving Innovations

Visual distraction while driving is on the rise. This is mainly due to the increasing use of mobile phones, PDAs and mp3 players in vehicles. The Sonification Lab at Georgia Tech is carrying out research to monitor drivers while driving and to come up with innovative solutions to reduce their distraction levels.

Aim of the project

The primary aim of this project was to incorporate motion detection devices to monitor drivers and their movements while they drove and used infotainment devices.

Part of this project was to include the use of novel interaction techniques using hand gestures to create a fututristic in-vehicle information system, to reduce the distraction caused to them.

Driving Simulator

Monitoring Driver Distraction

Two Kinect devices were connected to a single computer. The skeletal data of the driver provided simultaneously by these devices was used to determine when there is head/neck movement and which screen the driver views at any particular time.

Mithila Tople

Gesture Controlled Music Player

The LEAP motion is used to control the music player in the vehicle through gestures. Different gestures to control different functions. Tapping the screen starts/stops the player. Making a circle replays the song. Swiping left and right navigates through the playlist on the player.

Mithila Tople

Final Prototype

This video demonstrates the two solutions developed during the course of the project. The Kinect and the LEAP were connected to the head unit of the computer connectd to the NADS Mini Simulator. The driver is using the novel interaction method to control music using the LEAP while the driver's head and neck movement is being monitored by the Kinect.

With the launch of the Kinect 2, which allows for detection of head rotation, the prototype will be further developed to increase its accuracy. After further development, this prototype will be used to conduct evaluations.

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